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Make my heart smile darling...<3

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User Number: 3856867
Date Created:2004-07-18
Number of Posts: 11

My name is Manny Santos and I'm currently attending Degrassi Community School. I'm on the gymnastics team and I spend my free time training for that. I love spending time with my friends, and just listening to their problems. If you have any other questions feel free to Instant Messanger me on AOL at smileygurlxxx3. =)
Strengths: friendly, nice, athletic, smart, caring, sweet, cute, supportive, headstrong, knows what I want, isn't afraid to let things get in my way, independant, strong
Weaknesses: would do anything for a boy, can be preceived as slutty, irrational, irresponsible
Special Skills: cheerleader, gymnastics, sings, dances
Weapons: i don't let other people bother me or get me down
Friends: Emma Nelson, JT Yorke, Toby Isaacs, Liberty Van Zandt, Sean Cameron, Craig Manning, Sully, Paige Michalchuck, Chris Sharpe, Kendra Mason

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